Types of Payment Methods in UK

When choosing a gaming site to play on, one of the things to consider is the available payment methods. It would be better to review the offered ways to deposit and withdraw cash. Each casino has its own set of payment methods so it is recommended to compare them. To guide players in determining the right casino based on its payment methods, we have listed down the best ways to manage the player's gaming cash for UK players.

Note that each payment method has its own pros and cons. In addition, there are different brand choices that fall under the same category. Thus, we also advise players to read further reviews on their preferred payment method before betting at casinos and poker rooms.

Debit and Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards are the most favored option in reloading the player's bankroll. It instantly reload the player's account in a matter of minutes. If players decided to use their debit or credit cards, they need to register their cards first. Registration of the cards require the players to provide the name of the cardholder, the card number, the CVV code at the back of the card, and the expiry date of the card. All these will be necessary for the gaming site to verify the validity of the card being used by the UK players.

Some of the popular debit and credit cards that are allowed in the UK gaming sites are MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Switch, and Laser. Players may use these cards by simply choosing debit or credit card on the online casino. Note that these cards may apply charges depending on the card policy.


Players definitely value their data. This is why many prefer to use e-wallets that can protect their personal details and bank accounts from third parties. Using an e-wallet can be very convenient especially for paying the casinos in the UK. Most of the online casinos accept e-wallets for deposit and even withdrawal transactions. Money is definitely safe here.

In order to pay using an e-wallet, players should create an account first in their preferred e-wallet companies. A popular e-wallet is Neteller. Players may also use PayPal, EcoCard, EcoPayz, MyCitadel, PayNearMe, and Skrill. Once a player has already created an e-wallet account, he or she can start associating multiple bank accounts or cards. This type of payment method can simplify the whole process because players do not need to look for their available cards as they are also listed in their e-wallet.

Wire Transfer

For UK players who are wanting to deposit a huge amount of cash into a casino, a wire transfer is recommended. This payment method can definitely protect the player's personal data and just leave everything to the bank. It is the most preferred way by the players who value their privacy so much.

Paypal is also a huge player in the banking industry now. It delivers a very smooth experience when paying via this service. Paypal even provides additional protection, meaning that you can always pull your money when you feel like you are being scammed, the site will handle all the unpleasant procedures. We can provide a nice article where you can read more about Paypal and discover all the features they have on deck.

On the other hand, using the wire transfer can be a little bit expensive compared to the other payment methods. Additional fees are being charged by the bank for such transaction. Still, this fee is justifiable because it is nothing compared to the data privacy that it can give the players.

Some players may not prefer the wire transfer because it may take three days to one week before the payment is credited to the player's account. This could not be the best option for players who want to play casino games immediately.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards can be ideal choice for UK players who want to control and manage their gaming habits. In order to use the prepaid card, players should reload the card and use the 16-digit pin to pay the online casino. This is also a nice option to hide the player's identity and banking details.

Some of the prepaid cards also have mobile app for the convenience of the players. They can simply use their app to track the available balance and see the latest transactions made using the card. One of the most popular prepaid card is PaySafe, which is widely used in Europe and UK.

The prepaid cards are also easily accessible through the stores. This means players can immediately buy a card and reload it for them to use and reuse in playing their favorite games. Another advantage of using it is that anyone has the capacity to utilize prepaid card. Players do not need a bank account just to pay cash to the casino.

Make safe and secure payments online

Since casino games are brought in the online world, so is the payment method. Therefore, it is the player's responsibility to ensure that he or she is transacting with a legitimate online gaming site. In this modern world of casino games, it is so crucial to double-check the reputation of the online casino in terms of money transaction.

Although there are online casinos that are prone to fraud transactions, there are still plenty of casino sites offering a secured payment method. For example, 32red cashing out process is encrypted to make sure that the transaction of their players are protected. It is a common practice of the trusted online gaming sites such as 32Red casino.

Determining a secured and safe payment does not need to be a tedious work. Players simply need to check for reviews on the gaming sites and the payment methods they are wanting to transact with. All of the payment methods mentioned above are proven to be trusted. It is just that some are made more secured compared to others. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages, thus it is still up to the player's preference which one works best.

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