Poker Betting For Canadian Beginners

Starting off with poker can be intimidating of you don't know the rules to begin. You may find yourself utterly confused when a blind or a big blind is called not to mention all the money you'd be putting at risk should you choose to dive headfirst into the game. This poker betting for beginners Canadian guide will aim to provide you with some insight on how to approach the game.

Understanding Antes and blinds

Before you start with the game, you need to set up a prize. This will be the pot that everyone else will pool their money into. Each player will be required to contribute a certain amount. This is just a small amount and doesn't count as a bet.

Blinds on the other hand require players to place a forced bet into the game before a deal. The term blind is derived from the fact that you don't get to see your card before you make the bet. When the dealer calls the blind those on the left and right of the dealer are called into action with the one on the left placing a smaller bet whereas the one on the right will place a bigger bet. The amounts of these little and big blinds will be predetermined.


If your eth first one to act, you can do one of two things; check or bet. If you choose to bet then the player on your left can call, raise, or fold in response. This means that the player will match the bet, increase the bet, or simply abandon the hand. The round will continue until everyone has placed their bets or otherwise.


The limits in betting will either be spread, fixed, pot, or no limit. The spread limit is based on a predetermined range whereas the fixed is usually a predetermined amount and is played most commonly in casinos. The pot limit in betting is equal to that present in the pot. No limit is the most exciting version where any amount goes.

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